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The poker stage has been set: Texas Hold’em adorns the gaming arena and players are eagerly awaiting the dealer’s action. The blinds are paid up, both the small blind and the big blind. Two pocket cards slide across the felt. At this stage, it’s bolus after bolus of energy and anticipation surging through everyone seated at the poker table. Betting rounds follow the raises, re-raises, checks and folds. The incomparable flop, turn and river cards make their way onto the table. Players scurry to don their poker faces, form winning card combination and ramp up the action with antes, raises and the poker bluff…

The Big Daddy of Poker Tournaments Makes an Entrance

This is the world of Texas Hold'em poker gaming. It’s a game that burns white hot. It showcases a player’s mettle like no other poker gaming variant. Poker players swear by the rules of No Limit Texas Hold’em. It’s the one poker showstopper that gets players interested and keeps them locked to the action, from beginning to end. The likes of Doyle Brunson, Tyler Bonkowski, Phil Ivey, Tyron Krost and John Juanda come to mind. Even Australian cricketing legend - Shane Warne – swears by the dazzling game of Texas Hold’em poker. And all the major poker tournaments feature Texas Hold’em. These include the Aussie Millions, the WSOP, the WSOPE, WPT and the ANZPT, among others.

Omaha Hi-Lo Graces the Stage

For poker aficionados looking for something a little different, there is Omaha Hi-Lo gaming. Unlike Texas Hold’em, where forming the very best poker hand is where it’s at, Omaha Hi-Lo takes a different perspective. Firstly, it’s a split game. Players receive 4 hole cards and share 5 community cards. Players will be able to use only 2 of their pocket cards, along with 3 of the 5 community cards to form winning hand combinations. The best hand is either High or Low. Winning a game of Omaha High is easy to understand (the best hand wins), but winning a game of Omaha Low is more challenging. That’s because you need to qualify first, hence the name Omaha 8 or Better.  Get your game on with Limit Omaha 8 or Better or Pot-Limit Omaha 8 or Better (bet what’s in the pot).

Calypso Gaming with Caribbean Stud Poker

Few games generate quite as much excitement as Caribbean Stud poker. This widely-loved casino table game features prominently alongside other top poker gaming variants. Firstly, it’s got a lovely ring to it. It’s poker gaming a’la 5 Card Stud poker and it’s piping hot. But where this game differs from other poker variants is that it’s played against the house, not against other players. So naturally there is no bluffing, just straight up Caribbean Stud Poker. The Royal Flush payout is 100:1 and the Straight Flush payout is 50:1. It’s time to get your Calypso poker game on and showcase your poker skills to beat of the Caribbean Island drums. In 888poker you will find a variety of poker games, waiting for you in 888poker online poker room:


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